Lots to know about Wine

Knowing about wine is one of those things that takes some practice.

Some people start out with trying out the box wines, while others know that it’s probably not the best thing to drink wine from a box.

Actually, I often wonder if boxed wine is just the leftover grapes from the season.

Speaking of leftover grapes, when cows go wild in a grape vineyard, you can say good by to your grapes.

This past season, there was a day that changed my grape harvest that made for an interesting story.

One day while working, I hopped on facebook and saw a photo of my grapevines in a predicament.

The grapes were being photographed by a neighbor and in the pictures were 5 cows.

Yes. Cows.

They had escaped a farm from about a half of a mile away with a large valley in between my grapes and their pasture.

I don’t know if they can smell grapes or what, but there they were eating my grapes…every last little baby grape was devoured and I didn’t get any grapes that year.

It was a major disappointment.

However, the grapes seem to be growing exponentially this season and after speaking to a good friend in Marikina valley I learned that because of the lack of fruit to care for so it may very well have been a good luck thing in order to have great grapes for next season.

I’ll be sure to post about them.

Sea Grapes come in a lot of different varieties.

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