Sea Grapes?

When I first heard the term Sea Grapes, I immediately thought of dingleberries. I have no idea why. Since then I have actually been able to research and understand what sea grapes are and what sea grape festivals are. Sea Grapes refers to the Sea and Wine!  Two very awesome things! I’m going to focus on both for this blog. For one, I love the Sea and SCUBA diving so that will be so much fun to learn more about and share. Second, I do enjoy wine. Since having my kids, wine seems to give me a headache if it’s red wine and I’ve noticed that I get migraines more often. Sometimes I wonder if it’s not the kids but maybe it’s actually my age. Hormones are a seriously weird thing. I guess they are good though because without them, I’d be alone and with no kids. Speaking of being alone, I am enjoying this blog writing from a brand new white leather sofa. Imagine a white leather sofa and red wine.  It’s really not so much of a problem because leather is basically water proof so I’m really excited about that! But..being alone…and drinking.  Probably not the best idea if you are an alcoholic.  I am not an alcoholic, so don’t go there, however it seems the longer I live in the world them more I am surprised by the people who are alcoholics. I will never understand how people become reliant on getting so lost with such a liquid in their body as I just don’t have that in me.  It’s tough too because I do like to understand people. Back to being alone again.  Just because you drink, does that make you alone? Absolutely not…but it is more likely. I just met a “really nice guy” (in parenthesis because he confessed that he beat his wife) lately who was selling everything he owned because his wife left him. He was ALONE in a huge house.   No more little kid (his young 3 yr old son) and no wife. He was apparently drinking one night and I guess his evil side got the best of him and he abused his wife (and I pray not his son at all).  He was thrown in jail for 2 days ( I wonder if Sean Penn started out this way) He was the Chris Brown of our neighborhood I guess.  But was he?  Because didn’t Rhianna go back to him (so stupid…sorry girl but you’ve got self esteem issues and you really need to fix them because your future depends on it)  THERE IS NEVER EVER EVER a good reason for domestic abuse. that I’m done with that rant.  Know this: This blog will ebb and flowwww with the sea grapes tide.  I may even drink wine when I talk about the sea or the ocean or the polar properties of water….just to make it all the more authentic.  Why not? It’s way better to sit on a couch drinking wine than getting a DUI and having to take my car to Jim at his auto body shop because of something stupid I did. I won’t be apologetic for what I say or who I offend because honestly….you’re the one choosing to read this. If you’re dumb enough read something offense…then you shouldn’t have started reading it in the first place. Words can have a LOT of POWER…but only if you let them.  So any offense you’s on you. Realize how you control your own thoughts and your own destiny and you’ll be writing silly blogs with a smile on your face just like me.   Until next time……………….

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